Frequently Asked Questions about the Piano Courses

How many hours of piano playing are there during the course?

On a day to day basis, this varies from three to five hours of private tuition.
Although the initial enrolment might schedule, for instance, four hours per day, on the first day of the course a mutual teacher-pupil consultation takes place.

The consultation may result in the number of hours varying. These may drop to three or increase to five.

The pupil’s physical condition may also come into play from one day to the next: the number of hours varies. No stress! Everything is done in a natural way.

How long does the course last?

Once again, this is variable. A mini-course (at the weekend for example) involves going over pieces repeatedly and can be as beneficial as a course of one week or even more.

What if I need to prepare for a competitive examination, a test or other exam?

We plan your work programme according to the level of difficulty of the pieces of music, bearing in mind the date of your exam.

Is the desire to improve merely for one’s own pleasure?

The course will be part of ongoing “Sunday work” or an in-depth study of a piece of work being undertaken with one’s usual teacher. To put it in a nutshell, the course is flexible, involves repetition, and is versatile and adjustable.

How can a course period be organised?

Courses take place all the year round, so please contact Guzélya to decide on a study period which fits in with everyone’s availability. Yes, that’s right - it’s on demand. Amongst other things, your study period is scheduled depending on bookings and concert dates already made.

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Last edited: 2013-01-08