Guzélya Prokofieva, a Talented Pianist


Biography & Career

  • 1970: Born on the 9th of April in Kazan
  • 1977: Enters music school at the age of seven
  • 1989: Enters Kazan State Conservatory at the age of nineteen
  • 1994: Graduates as orchestra and chamber music musician, concert performer and teacher
  • 2007: Winner of the Moscow Competition for best piano teacher
  • 2009: Moves to Chamborigaud in the South of France

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Guzélya Prokofieva is a Russian pianist who was born on the 9th of April, 1970, in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. Kazan is a booming city of 1.2 million inhabitants, located 800 kms to the East of Moscow.

Guzélya’s mother, Nadia Khayrutdinova, is also a piano teacher and a choir mistress.


Thus, it was quite natural for Guzélya to picture herself playing piano in music school at the age of seven.

Russian musical culture is no futile concept: after eight years at primary grade and four at secondary, Guzélya then entered the Kazan State Conservatory.

Latest News

Cours de piano par Skype

Alors que je suis une traditionaliste d'éducation russe, la dispersion de mes stagiaires aux 4 coins de globe m'a dirigé vers une voie nouvelle: l'enseignement par internet.
Surprise de son utilité et de sa facilité, me voilà une adepte inconditionnelle.
C'est pourquoi je propose, en plus des cours traditionnels, des cours par Skype. Essayer, c'est l'adopter !

In 1994, after five years of studying at the highest grade, she qualified as an orchestra and chamber music musician, concert performer and teacher. At that time, she had clocked up seventeen years of piano study.

Throughout her professional career, during which her hands can be expected to glide up and down the keyboard seven hours a day, there has been a constant stream of both private and public concerts.
She has also given lessons at music school. By way of information, in Russia, music school is to children what the conservatory is to adults.

In 2006, she embarked upon a colossal undertaking of a year on the theme of:
“The Development of Musical Creativity, Jazz Improvisation and Music Making.”

One year later, Guzélya Prokofieva reached the pinnacle of her studies. She became winner of the Moscow Competition (open to all of Russia) for the best piano teacher.


This was a turning point in her career and life, and in 2009 she left Russia. Guzélya Prokofiéva moved to Chamborigaud, a village of 800 inhabitants in the Cevennes, in the South of France.

Up until 2012, this has been a period of adaptation, a time in which to grasp the French language. The big event of 2012 was the birth of her son, Alexandre.
Nevertheless, she did give some local concerts in Alès, Montpellier, Chamborigaud and other small villages.

Her French career has also started with the creation of “private courses” at her home, which will act as a springboard for a new musical career.

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